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I am transcribing the thoughts of Daniela, because her health has deteriorated.
Dear friends,

I wanted to contact you but it is easier to organize and time goes on relentlessly negative.

Friends met during my tortuous and painful journey of life, I wanted to meet you in different circumstances, my fate was bad but I was able to meet special people like you, so I was able to experience profound life, you are people of a certain thickness, each of you has sown a seed from which it was born a shoot that has given me emotions, feelings, indescribable, all unfortunately restrained in a body that both would need to release their energy.

The PC (personal computer) is what will be (lack of emotional impact, personality, warmth ...) but it is my means of communication, I spend all day at home, from wheelchair to bed, it's as if I were wrapped up " in a cold blanket of emptiness”, where I note that there are those who despise life, and I live in my tormentws, dramatic life, the only "friend" is the PC,means of contact with the world, I realize that even this scianze - means of communication going on with the time I get less, because my health condition worsened, more and more dependent and cannot use such means, the pain also involves the mental which is not easy to keep balance laugh or cry at an inopportune time is caused by my current state of generic "escape" mentally with imagination can help to kill time for what it is bitter but the awakening, this suffering creates, at times, unpleasant reactions ...

Being helpless in being able to implement something, it gives me cause for conflict, the crises of life and if there is a reaction of "rice" you cannot rely on the outside when in fact the inner face is quite another.

From my scrap (wheelchair) inert observe the deciduous trees, the landscape also changes the colors also announced the seasonal change (the unpredictable evolution of the disease with the passage of time ...) are a prisoner of my own body into which houses and feeds on my illness slimy, every second that passes is against me.

At the end of the day I destroyed, I burn contractures and in all the muscles of the body, each movement (bed - wheelchair) is a whole ritual preparatory anything but simple with unpleasant contingencies, aids for moving the me (from bed to wheelchair) I prepare to face my days as a surprise, anything but colorful.

The mind is the greatest wealth of the human being, an instrument that gives rise to all, is much more sensitive it reacts to the stress of the body with which it lives in symbiosis, it is all the more for me because I am unable to get rid of stress with the movement physical.

Another year has passed inexorably, another is started, but alas nothing has changed successive bombshell of hope for true healing, but actually nothing is concrete, it's all an illusion, a bitter joke.

My day ends by going to bed, but first there's a whole ritual backwards, wheelchair lift, bed and every sound is linked to a move (I'm not here to describe everything because for me it is cause for further anxiety. ... I trust you will understand, is a vicious circle closed.)

Before going to sleep my eyes are wide open and the worst moment for me and 'the dark el'imbrunire are unknown, an awakening to a day in this great future with question marks.

Doubts and misgivings about treatments for multiple sclerosis continues despite many years of suffering.

I am in a vortex where the disease despite treatment tunes served up by the dispensers of drugs does not stop with tragic consequences one is abandoned without any help.

It is always immune suppressors (chemotherapy) and stuff with the same chemical formulation always increased.

Unfortunately, existing ones tend to adjust or delete the cells responsible for inflammation, immunoregulatory (interferon) are immunosuppressive in the treatment of multiple sclerosis no definitive cure all (cortisone, mitoxantrone ...) do this work but, simultaneously, they also reduce the immune defenses of 'ill, creating an imbalance which, over time, help to undermine the general state of health, sometimes even very severely with leukemia or pericarditis.

The only existing stem cell treatment in Italy (Genoa, Piacenza) provides chemotherapy treatments rather important that may jeopardize the patient's life, while the results are still considered inconclusive, and long-lasting.

Stem cells could be the real turning point but it all depends on who manages and holds the situation.

The fact is that no treatment success rates and long-term sick we fear this type of drug, and even if we do not have many alternatives, we wonder, when science will be able to find solutions that do not involve the use , since, often it is the side effects of the latter leading to avert any kind of care; to our question we never answer until you have a change of mindset medical.

Some sick and tired of being at the mercy of harsh treatment, however, do not remove the worst, make their own decisions not to care anymore, they accept only symptomatic drugs, or undertaking a DIY as the taking of cannabis (which, incidentally, works on the symptoms of the disease), or decide to switch to alternative medicine and homeopathy, which, in cases less aggressive, help to rebalance the overall situation and achieve a quality of living.

Neurologists disapprove this type of decision, but the scheme of life is important, it must also be worth living and they should keep this in their research. We hope to do quickly and well.

E ' "beautiful" to see a doctor who has catastrophic failure!?

I hope to build a new culture of respect for life, in order to believe one day after throwing so many seeds in the wind, we can finally see the blossoming sky!

Dear friend, if the path of your life you have even a lighted torch in my dark hour, you have not lived in vain, so thank you, but please bear in mind that if I feel are just impossible.

For example, if you can help in giving me addresses of newspapers where I can give voice to my problem, it is important to be heard because you never know ....

It 'nice to dream even if it's ugly awakening to the reality in which I live, please remember that when I do not answer is why I cannot, but I think so. My wish would be to meet you one day and that is why I ask you, if you like, give me your telephone number and I am going to get in touch.

I guess three things:

• The cascade of water that washes my body, purifying it from evil

• walk on a flowery meadow

• the meeting with you.

With affection, respect and sympathy by dannyfstory

Heart Butterfly

Love is a butterfly: if the string is too dies too little and flies away.

Please do not forget me, contact me if you have news of feasible treatments.