Once upon a time there was an island, where all the sentiments and values of human beings lived:
GOOD HUMOUR, SADNESS, KNOWLEDGE … and all the others, including LOVE.
One day, the sentiments were informed that the island was about to sink, so they prepared all their boats and set off. Only Love wanted to wait until the last moment.
When the island was about to sink, Love decided to ask for HELP.
WEALTH passed close to Love on a luxury yacht and Love said: “Wealth, can you take me with you?”
“I can't, there is a lot of gold and silver on my boat and there is no room for you”.
So Love decided to ask PRIDE who was passing by on a magnificent vessel,
“Pride, please can you take me with you?”
“I can't help you Love … “ answered Pride, “Here everything is perfect, you might ruin my boat”.
So Love asked SADNESS who was passing by
“Sadness, please take me with you” ,
“O Love” answered Sadness, “I am so sad, I want to remain alone”.
GOOD HUMOUR also passed by, but was so happy that he didn't hear Love calling.
Suddenly a voice said:
“Come on Love, I'll take you with me”.
It was an old man that had spoken.
Love was so grateful and full of joy that he forgot to ask the old man's name. When they reached dry land, the old man went off.
Love realised how much he owed him and asked KNOWLEDGE:
“Knowledge, can you tell me who it was that helped me?”
“It was Time” answered Knowledge.
“Time ?” wondered Love, “Why ever should time have helped me?“
Knowledge, full of wisdom, answered:
“Because only time is able to understand just how much the priceless, precious and unique MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT, THE ISLAND OF LOVE, is important in LIFE!”