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 My name is Daniela
The missing impulse
Multiple sclerosis


   The Conscious Love

    The Island of Love

   Broken Wing

   Star little Star

   Doubts about the care

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 Talking about oneself may seem easy, but indeed it is not, especially when you have to recognize your faults, which we all have. Sometimes, though, this may prove useful in order to reach an aim.

Among the characteristics of my personality (as reflected in my birthsign Taurus) are steadfastness, humanitarian spirit and the will to fight injustice. The idea of publishing my story stems from this premise as well as from the need to solve a problem of my life possibly similar to that of other people.

Furthermore I would like to express my own idea of “respect for life” , see if there are other people who share my views on the issue, find an effective and final therapy to my patology , which may lead back to a “brilliant” life, but, above all, transform the negative intervention of cunning third parties into positive . Some people, in fact, have understood that one must reason according to one’s own conscience , listen to one’s own heart and, why not, have the courage to go against current in the name of love as universal language, as guide and path to follow to reach self and other people’s respect.

All this in order not to feel some day the need of flying and find oneself unable to.

With the aim to provide a concise definition of my work, I would like to quote in English the introduction to his Poem by a famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, quotation which I have re-adapted: “Midway in the journey of my life, I found myself in a dark wood…And how dark!” I thought life could be brilliant! Instead, very soon I had to realize that, althouagh life itself is so, if third parties cunningly intervene, controlling it, it may play you strange tricks.

In this space I want to talk about myself and multiple sclerosis, which has been accompanying me for years. Yet, I will not tell you things taken for granted and trivialities, but I’ll rather try to make you understand how that “missing impulse” keeps affecting my life and why this degeneration at the moment cannot be stopped.