My name is Daniela
The missing impulse
Multiple sclerosis


   The Conscious Love

    The Island of Love

   Broken Wing

   Star little Star

   Doubts about the care

   Petal Butterfly


The story of all time:
Closer to Mecca, more distant from Allah
Closer to the church, more farther from Jesus
The closer to the state, more distant from the Justice


The story of DannyF: ward after ward towards a clear blue sky.

It was no easy decision to search for help on the Internet, but, on the whole, as the sayings go, 'the game may be worth the candle' and 'nothing venture, nothing gained'.

All the same, due consideration has been given to the following good preliminary conditions: the user-friendliness of this means of communication and the fact that other people, just like me, may be asking for help (despicable situation that I wish nobody should experience). In addition, at a medical level, the internet may also serve a healthy popularizing purpose, without any influences, prejudices, boycotts, and restrictions whatsoever, in order to voice important issues and to promote healthy and correct medical information, in the absolute respect of the Hippocratic Oath (a collection of moral rules and behaviors that regulate and guide clinical practice: by way of example, the rule whereby physicians should give up any heroic diagnoses and treatments). Depending on their disposition, people will thus be able to get to the end of the day, to enjoy a quiet and restful sleep and to spend a peaceful life in their old age. This means that their conscience is clear because it has been aroused and their minds have been converted to a healthy medical research so that people will act in the best possible way for the common good.

Bearing in mind what has just been mentioned, I decided to tell my story. My name is DannyF, yes of course giving a hand, I took part in the activities proposed by the parish of the city where I life, I was born in good health, have started a normal life made up of school, sport and friends; what a paradox and insult to injury: I was a supporting teacher and was indirectly and theoretically involved with disabled people. I had no idea that one day I too might have to face a disability but, unknowingly, that fateful day was fast approaching! I used to have various interests that filled my day and I have always loved and respected, without ever in the least disputing it, life in all its simplest (but to me significant) aspects that in most cases are taken for granted and unappreciated. Among other things, preparations were being made for the day when I was to blow out my candles, during my birthday celebrations. Never could I have expected to receive so particular a 'present'.

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