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(10) - Bone Marrow: Tissue contained within the cavities of the long and flat bones and responsible of generating all the blood cell

(11) - White and gray matter : the nervous system, by a cellular point of view, is composed of neurons. These have long and frequently myelinated axons which bundle together. The bundles of myelinated axons constitute the white matter of CNS. The gray matter is the collection of the cellular body of neurons which cluster into nuclei.

(12) - Immunosuppressors: drugs administered to autoimmune patients for inducing depression of the autoimmune responses

(13) - Neutralizing antibodies: The antibodies are proteins produced by Lynfocytes B which bind with high selectivity to the foreign substances neutralizing them

(14) -Blood cells classes: Leucocytes or white globules:

-Lynfocytes T and B (immune defence)
-Granulocytes (immune defence)
- Monocytes (immune defence)
Erythrocytes or red globules (oxygen transport)
Platelets (blood coagulation)