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In many years of suffering I noted that cure proposals are fallacious. There are many doubts, I'm in a vortex where the disease despite the various treatments deployed by dispensers of drugs does not stop with tragic consequences we find ourselves left without any help.

It is still immune suppressors (immune regulators, autologous blood that is their own pockets, with immunosuppressive agents, is reintroduced in the body via intravenous) drug by the name appealing, alluring, but at the end of miraculous results with the same chemical formulation increasingly 'power, which nurture and do proliferate pathology.

Unfortunately, in the treatment of MS, there is no definitive cure, all the existing ones tend to adjust or delete the cells responsible for inflammation. Immunoregulatory (interferon) or immunosuppressants (cortisone, mitoxantrone ...) do this task, but at the same time also reduce immunity defenses of the sick, creating an imbalance which, over time, help to undermine the general state of health, sometimes very seriously with leukemia, or pericarditis.

The only existing stem cell treatment in Italy, Genoa, Piacenza, provides chemotherapy treatments rather important that may jeopardize the patient's life, while the results are still considered inconclusive, and resistant to time.

The fact is that no treatment success rates and long-term sick we fear this type of drug, and even if we do not have many alternatives, we wonder, when science will be able to find solutions that do not involve the use since, often, are just the side effects of the latter leading to avert any kind of treatment.

Some sick and tired of being at the mercy of harsh treatment, however, do not remove the worst, make their own decisions not to care anymore, they accept only symptomatic drugs, or undertaking a DIY as the taking of cannabis (which, incidentally, works on the symptoms of the disease) or agree to move to alternative medicine and homeopathy, which in less aggressive cases, help to rebalance the overall situation and achieve a quality of living. Neurologists disapprove this type of decision, but the scheme of life is important, it must also be worth living and they should keep this in their research. We hope they will do it quickly and well.

Multiple sclerosis, among other things, is a viral disease, caused by a viral agent content. Epstein-Barr virus involved is called mononucleosis, called "kiss disease" because it usually affects adolescents who have promiscuous relationships.

Promiscuity is the factor that exposes more to mononucleosis, but also without kissing it can contract.

Mononucleosis is a disease which, if taken in mild, with symptoms similar to a 'flu and there is appropriate as it will pass by itself, if taken in a more violent can hit any vital organ, can pass the brain barrier, settling them for future damage, the virus is involved in dysregulation of the immune response responsible for the MS (multiple sclerosis) inflammatory process that causes the demyelinating lesions.

Already in the past with everything he had already spoken, leaving everything to fall into something over which you had to continue studying, the rope is the number of researchers began work on the relationship between viruses of infectious mononucleosis and MS is in growth and is being formed, I am confident that there is a collective effort to generate important results, even with the help of the entire scientific community should have a broad overview of the actual situation, breaking the mindset and taking medical the unique objective: to defeat a well-targeted drug that is the objective to defeat the virus for the good of the patient.